Electrical Design & Drawing

The Electrical System design is used by engineers to make a powerful electrical system. Engineers use this design to ensure efficient production, transportation and distribution of Electricity. There are advantages of carefully and properly designed electrical system. However, if poorly designed and badly executed it can be hazardous to lives and property.
Genesis Bangladesh has a dedicated team of engineers to ensure high quality and flawless design and drawing. We determine to provide best quality electrical design and drawing service in Bangladesh. Our qualified engineers make sure customer satisfaction without compromising the engineering standards and perimeters such as BNBC, NFPA, NETA, NEC, BS etc.

We Design & Draw:

Single Line Diagram (SLD)
Electrical Layout Diagram (ELD)
• Machine Layout Diagram
• Wiring Layout Diagram
Lightning Protection System (LPS) or Lightning Arrester Design
Earthing or Grounding System Design
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